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Karan jewellers products

We have large variety of ethnic indian jewellery , cloths, artifacts etc.. we invite you to visit our showroom in khajuraho and preserve some beautiful moments.
Below are some of our samples

Gem stones and jewellery . Diamonds . Rubies . Emerald

India produces a wide variety of precious and semi-precious gems, We sell finest of them fitted in rings , necklaces , bracelets etc. We have wide range of finest jewellery in khajuraho.

Tribal art . Statues . Artifacts

India is a home to many tribes. These tribes have their own arts and way of living. Prominent amongst the Tribal arts is the Bastar Art practiced by the tribals of the Bastar - region in Madhya Pradesh, India. Madhya pradesh is known around the world for its unique tribal artifacts. Bastar is a district covered by forests. Our showrooms in khajuraho manages to bring best of them for you under one roof.

Metal . Statues . Artifacts

Large assortments of silver, brass and bronze etc are stocked in our store in khajuraho. Each item is checked meticulously to be of highest quality. All artifacts are made by very skilled rural artists thus giving them employment and spreading this exquisite art around the globe.

Wood . Statues . Artifacts . Masks

We have large variety of wooden products such as finely sculpted statues of god and goddess, colorful ethnic dolls and other artifacts. We also sell chiseled wooden boxes and decorative items.

Stone . Statues

We have stupendous collection of hand sculpted small and large statues made of finely grained stones which are chiseled to make an unmatched collection of erotic figures, Celestial Women and other Hindu deities.

Textile . Saree . Pashmina . Shawls

Khajuraho is famous for variety of sarees and textile products. In sarees the most popular sarees are bamboo sarees which is one of the speciality of khajuraho. Our showroom brings to you all kinds of textiles in khajuraho like pashmina shawls, silk sarees, bed sheet and cushion cover etc.

Painting . traditional paintings

The story of ancient India and mughal period are expressively told in these time capturing paintings, Which are drawn on canvas, paper and peepal(Ficus) tree leaves. Paintings are also available showing khajuraho erotic statues and Kamasutra. These highly detailed painting makes an excellent choice for decoration and gift items.